Beacon Hill Road Structure Fire

Posted on March 1, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011 - The Washington Township Fire Department was dispatched to 250 Beacon Hill Road for a report of a fully involved garage fire.  Fairmount Chief Steinel arrived and confirmed the structure fire, which was extending into the residential area of the structure.  Chester Fire Company was dispatched for a full response and Califon Fire Company was dispatched to be the Rapid Intervention Crew.  Ironia Fire Company, en route for a cover assignment at Chester, was redirected to the scene.  Oldwick Fire Company and Hackettstown Fire Company were stationed in Washington Township to cover calls for the town.  The Long Valley First Aid Squad was on scene for rehab, having checked and hydrated all of the firefighters involved in the suppression effort.  The Long Valley Fire Company ladies auxiliary also responded with refreshments for the firefighters.  

Fortunately, due to an aggressive interior attack, property damage to the non-adjoining areas of the garage was limited. 

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Meadowlands Decon Drill

Posted on March 21, 2011

The Morris County Region IV gross decon team joined dozens of local, county, state, and federal agencies at a large scale incident drill at the new Meadowlands Stadium.  The scenario was a chemical release during a regular season football game.  In this scenario, victims were put through gross decontamination before being medically transported.  Fairmount, Brookside, and Schooley’s Mountain setup the initial part of the gross decon process, which simply is a shower setup by fire apparatus for the victims to traverse through.

Afterwards, during a debriefing, Morris County Fire Coordinator Jack Alderton lauded the performance of the Region IV team, and the group shared a round of applause recognizing each other's efforts. 

Many of the Fairmount Firefighters who participated in this drill later joined a crew that provided station coverage for Chester Fire Company that night, with only a few hours between details.

Drill Photos:

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